Make Lisbon your new home.

Rent hand-picked, fully-furnished apartments in the sunniest capital of Europe.

Hospitality that extends to a digital world.

All our apartments have everything you need to stay connected whether for work or anything else online.

500+ Mbps
Working desk
Office chair
24” monitor
Desk setup comprising height-adjustable desk, ergonomic office chair, extra monitor and IT accessories
Freshly laundered, clean bed linen in a stylishly furnished bedroom

Turnkey service.

We make sure you have nothing to worry about when living in one of our apartments.

Linen & Towels
Email & WhatsApp support
Comprehensive arrival guide

Location matters.

We hand pick every single apartment that we offer. We know that location matters and want to provide you with the best spots the city can offer.

Our Guests.

Hear what our guests say about their experience staying with us.

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"Recommend for remote work or business trips"

The team was professional and responsive. The apartment was tastefully designed and decorated. The work setup suited me perfectly, with a good chair and adjustable desk. Location in the heart of Lisbon, but quiet and well shielded from the hustle and bustle.

Tech Entrepreneur
Stayed in
Chiado Loft
"Lovingly furnished apartments"

I spent 7 months in an apartment and would recommend it to anyone again and again. With Bleisured there is no risk that the apartment will look different from the pictures. The team is incredibly helpful and you can always count on them to help.

Stayed in
"Felt like a home away from home"

Exceptionally pleasant stay. The apartment was well-equipped, super clean and conveniently situated in the city center. Undisturbed work was possible at any time. The staff was always approachable, even for restaurant recommendations. It truly felt like a home away from home.

Embassy Administrator
Stayed in
Academia Patio
"I'm so thankful I found bleisured."

The process of getting the apartment while still in Canada was seamless. The space had everything you need, great office setup and amazing view over the river. I would go back to a place with bleisured anytime I stay in Portugal, I am so thankful I found them.

Social Media Agency Owner
Stayed in
"Highly recommended!"

We rented an apartment with bleisured for one year. The place was fully furnished with everything needed inside, literally. Also the process of contracting was easy and smooth, Sebastian and his team are people of trust and support. Recommend!

Chief Strategy Officer
Stayed in
Alcantara Patio
“Mid-term rentals as they should be!"

Honest, friendly and really home-like while ensuring very prompt and pleasant communication. The flat was most thoughtfully equipped and the work setup with height-adjustable desk and monitor is a unique option.

Data Engineer
Stayed in
"Perfect for remote work"

Bleisured’s flat in Chiado gave me good opportunities to expand my network, as all the well-known places were within walking distance. Also, I had the best equipment for optimal remote work, such as height-adjustable desks, large screens and lightning-fast Wi-Fi.

Stayed in
Chiado Loft
“Exceptional customer service"

Bleisured was an amazing experience to nomad with. For me the edge was they really understood what working remotely means: The apartment came with an amazing desk setup, strong Internet and all IT accessories included.

Marketing Manager
Stayed in
Principe Real

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Meet Lisbon

A city full of charm and historical culture, where you can enjoy beautiful views and warm sunsets at the beach. Come with us and find out more about your new home!

Pasteis de Nata

The iconic Pastel de Nata, is a delicious custard tart that has been a local favorite since the 19th century, originating from the famous Pastéis de Belém bakery.

Belém Tower

The Belém Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site, once served as a fortress guarding the entrance to the city's harbor during the Age of Discoveries, now it's a perfect spot to enjoy a famous Pastel de Nata.


300 days of sun and warm weather. Portugal is the perfect spot to enjoy a day at the beach. Costa da Caparica or Praia do Guincho is famous for its waves and summer parties.

25th of April Bridge

Lisbon's iconic Ponte 25 de Abril is a masterpiece of engineering that gives you a breathtaking view over the Tagus River and the city skyline.


Come learn more about Lisbon's rich culture and fall in love with its unique tiles (”Azulejos”) while you walk around the city. You will be surprised by its visuals.


In Lisbon, every corner boasts a viewpoint (miradouro), inviting you to enjoy the best of the city. Whether for a quick stop or to watch the sunset, these viewpoints promise an unforgettable visual feast.


Sintra is 30 minutes away from Lisbon, where fairytale palaces, gardens, and historic charm await. Visit the famous Pena Palace and historical Mouro's Castle.

Iconic Yellow Trams

Lisbon's iconic yellow trams, with their vintage charm and clattering wheels, have been weaving through the city's winding streets since the late 19th century.

Your new base.

Our apartments provide a comfortable and convenient base from which you can explore everything that this exciting city has to offer.

Explore all available options and find what suits you best!
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carmo t1 1 living room 1
carmo t1 2 living room 2
carmo t1 3 bedroom
carmo t1 4 bathroom
carmo t1 5 bathroom 2
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alfama t1 1 dining area
alfama t1 2 dining area 2
alfama t1 3 living area
alfama t1 4 office 1
alfama t1 5 bedroom 2
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chiado loft t0 1 living area entrance
chiado loft t0 2 kitchen 1
chiado loft t0 3 kitchen 2
chiado loft t0 4 living area
chiado loft t0 5 dining area
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alcantara patio t1 1 dining area
alcantara patio t1 2 living area 1
alcantara patio t1 3 work setup television
alcantara patio t1 4 kitchen
alcantara patio t1 5 patio 1
No items found.
bica riverview t5 1 living room 1
bica riverview t5 2 living room view
bica riverview t5 3 living room 2
bica riverview t5 4 kitchen 1
bica riverview t5 5 kitchen 2
No items found.
yamba t2 1 living area 1
yamba t2 2 dining area and living area
yamba t2 3 dining area 2
yamba t2 4 kitchen
yamba t2 5 entrance
No items found.
ocean view
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